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The Cut The BS: Action Planner.

The key to getting anything done is taking action. All pages have been designed with this in mind! Your first action is to start using this daily and turn some of our dreams into ideas and then into reality.

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Josh Rimmington

A Planner to Help You Focus

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  • To achieve massive success you need ‘Cut the BS’ and take clear action. This planner will help you do just that and stay focused.
  • Josh ‘Dadpreneur” Rimmington has created after years and a list of achievements that many people said he could do.
  • He knows the best and quickest way to achieve your dreams is to cut the BS and go after them.

About The Author Of BS Cut The Action Planner

From writing children’s books to helping agencies market their products and services, Josh has pretty much done it all. Working with businesses one-on-one, Josh brings together innovation and patterns as he helps companies market to their audience in a way that grows customer conversion and revenue. Josh’s passion for marketing reaches far beyond the traditional view of education, though. By hosting podcasts, writing a blog, and taking on countless speaking engagements, Josh allows the everyday person to learn about online marketing as well.

As our resident “dadpreneur,” Josh definitely gives a great example of how work life and family life can come together to create a life full of excitement and adventure!

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